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Architectural Drafting Solutions

BluEnt offers drafting solutions for commercial, institutional, hospitality and residential architects that include project-based and retainer models. Drafting resources including drafters and technologists are provided to supplement design teams for large to medium-sized architectural firms.

  • Once the initial design is shared, we assess requirements for allocating a junior or a senior resource. Some projects require a mix of senior resources combined with junior drafters to achieve a balanced team.

  • Technologists that are experienced with construction details and have worked with diverse materials are a good fit for commercial and institutional projects and are assigned accordingly.

  • Resources that have experience with residential and hospitality perform well with residential and multi-family architectural firms.

  • Rigorous three-step quality check process that involves maintaining checklists and past project references. The process typically includes peer to peer checking and auditing by managers.

  • Architectural project managers usually lead teams and also provide technical knowledge to support the drafters.

Our architectural drafting solutions include support right from the design development stage to the creation of construction drawings. We often get involved with a project when it has reached a stage closer to 50% DD.

Support for building sections, floor plans and elevations is provided by our team. Once the design reaches 100 % DD, roofing and electrical plans are worked upon in addition to joinery details.

The construction drawing set includes sheet setup, dimensioning and annotations using the template provided by our clients. We can also develop template files if required.

BIM Support Services

BluEntCAD helps construction companies implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions using experienced modelers. BIM provides a problem solving and time management tool. Using it on large-scale projects can also result in cost savings in the long run.

  • Complete team of modelers that includes multiple disciplines such as architectural, mechanical and electrical and structural experts.

  • 3D models for BIM for trades from various disciplines. A complete BIM model can also be created to run clash detection, therefore providing a solution.

  • The BIM process usually requires CAD or Revit drawings in addition to construction specifications. Once separate models have been created for individual disciplines, all of them can be imported into one single model.

  • After the first round of clash detection is run, the contractor coordinates with its own consultants to implement design changes.

  • The model then comes back to BluEntCAD for a rerun of the clashes. This process is repeated till inconsistencies are resolved.

  • We have worked on high rise residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare projects.

Our team of 3D modelers are experts in specific design areas, and our BIM team has a combined experience of multiple years and has worked on both large and small projects.

Complex building services that run through each of these projects often mandate a requirement to implement BIM solutions. Healthcare projects are some of the most complex in the industry, because they have a higher number of services and departments running through the buildings.

BluEntCAD also offers BIM consulting that require onsite solutions. We can review and provide consulting on how Revit and BIM can be incorporated for complex projects.

Reach out to BluEntCAD to get your drafting solutions or BIM solutions!

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