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    for architects and interior designers,
    as well as railway, facility management,
    and utility companies.

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CAD Conversion Services


Civil EngineersCivil Engineers
Interior DesignersInterior Designers
RailwayRailway Companies
Facility ManagementFacility Management
ConcreteUtility Companies
Convert scanned images to editable and scalable CAD drawings so you can focus on design. Leave the hard
work to us.

Conversion of layouts, elevations and as-built drawings for both residential and commercial projects.

Achieve flawless drawings with correct CAD standards using advanced CAD software that have importing and conversion capabilities for all file types.

CAD standards
BE accurate

Advanced CAD software and quality checks ensure your drawings are accurately converted and error free. We use allowable tolerances while drafting.

Accuracy is key
while converting
from paper to CAD.

PDF CAD conversionFlip

AutoCAD allows for PDF to CAD conversion. However, sketches need to be carefully drafted. We use triangulation to verify distances and double-check all the dimensions to ensure error-free drawings. Area calculations are part of the quality-check process and confirm the accuracy of the drawings.


Maximum Value. Achieved.

  • Quick turnaround, affordable & value for money.

  • Achieved
  • 100% custom pricing plans based on your needs.

  • Three-step quality check process.

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