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    renovations & existing conditions

    Information-rich, as-built
    BIM 3D models or 2D drawings

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  • Scan to BIM services

    Point cloud to BIM services for interference checks, 
    demolition, design validation, and more

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Scan to BIM Services

Get detailed 3D BIM models
from laser-scanned point cloud data.


Facility Management CompaniesFacility Management
Surveying CompaniesSurveying Companies
Engineering FirmsEngineering Firms
Create accurate 3D BIM models to gain control over renovations and existing conditions
Accurate 3D models

Our BIM engineers create 3D models from point-cloud and scanned data

Flip scanned data

Get tasks completed that would be nearly impossible if done manually. Almost anything in a building can be scanned and modeled including MEP services



All exterior openings such as doors and windows are captured accurately.


Complex MEP services are scanned in highly serviced buildings such as hospitals.


Scanning captures all beams and trusses inside the ceiling and attics.

BE Innovative

Use innovative Scan to BIM 3D modeling for insurance, interior design or facility management

Innovative technology that uses advanced CAD software to process raw data

Innovative technology

Maximum Value. Achieved.

  • Quick turnaround, affordable & value for money.

  • Achieved
  • 100% custom pricing plans based on your needs.

  • Three-step quality check process.

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