• Metal Shop
    Drawing Services

    for manufacturers, distributors,
    roofing, metal contractors

  • Key elements included

    Partitions, curtain walls, railings,
    windows, etc.

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Metal Shop Drawing Services

Quick delivery of submittal drawings set to meet industry
standard turnaround requirements

Services for

Manufacturers Manufacturers
Distributors Distributors
Roofing Roofing Contractors
Metal Contractors Metal Contractors
Shop drawings of key elements such as partitions, curtain walls, railings, windows, fit outs, wall paneling, siding and roofing
FlipSheet metal

We have engineers with thorough sheet metal working knowledge. This helps us create well-detailed metal shop drawings

BE detailed

Drawings contain cross-sectional, joinery, weld, and bending details for each part

Final shop drawings include creation of detailed submittal drawings

Shop drawings
We generate enlarged plans, elevations and sections, and junction, interfacing, transition and termination details. We also capture corner details


Maximum Value. Achieved.

  • Quick turnaround, affordable & value for money.

  • Achieved
  • 100% custom pricing plans based on your needs.

  • Three-step quality check process.

Lease a team for detailing support and add to your in-house team of engineers

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