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for architects, developers,
homebuilders & interior designers

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Drawing Index

Cover sheet

(Key plan, site plan, schedules, notes, scale)

Floor plans

(Basement plan, first & second floor plans, roof plans)

Elevations & sections

(Building elevations with options, building sections)

Electrical layout/RCP plan

(Electrical equipment locations, electrical layout of floor plans)

Architectural details

(Enlarged drawings, annotations, 2D details, joinery details)

Structural drawings

(Framing plan, connection details, framing schedule)

Output Format
PDF, CAD, Revit, SketchUp (.pdf, .dwg, .rvt, .skp)
Includes two rounds
Turnaround Time

Typical 3000 sf home: 2–3 weeks


Depends on the scale


How does the process work?

After the project is awarded, information is shared and a kickoff meeting is scheduled to start the project. There will be two review stages, one at 50% CD and the other at 100% CD, followed by a final submission. A three-step QC process will be followed.

Do you also provide additional services?

Yes, we can provide rendering services (floor plans rendering, site plan rendering, plot map renderings, exterior, interior, landscape, animations, etc.)

What input files do you accept?

Drawings in Sketch, AutoCAD, Revit, .dwg, other image formats (including sketches).
Directions via email and call.

Can you create construction drawings from sketches or images?

Yes, though close coordination is required at every stage.

Do you provide draft documents at various stages of the construction drawing set?

Yes, we do, at 50% and 100% CD for review and comments.

What is the mode of communication?

Emails and regular calls, also use of communication software like Microsoft Teams.

What platform do you use for file sharing?

We primarily use Dropbox.

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