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BIM Clash Detection

for healthcare, institutional,
office, and high-rise projects

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BIM models with varying LOD level

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PDF Files


Revit and Navisworks


Two rounds of clashes

Files accepted

RVT Revit models of individual disciplines/divisions


How does the process work?

After the BIM models of each discipline are received or built, BluEnt aligns all the models in Revit. Clash detection is then run using Navisworks and initial interference reports are generated and sent back to the client / contractor. The contractor finds solutions to the interferences with its engineers and sends back the updated design to BluEnt. We do not get involved with design. BluEnt reruns clash detection and this process is repeated till all clashes are resolved.

Do you also provide additional services?

BluEnt can also provide 3D modeling in Revit in addition to clash detection services.

Do you provide a draft report?

Yes, we provide an initial draft report so you can resolve clashes with your engineers. After the revised models are provided to us, we can rerun clash detection and submit a final report.

What version of Revit do you use?

We use the latest version of Revit and are currently using 2020.

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends upon the scale of the project and the coordination required to align various models.

What is the mode of communication?

Emails and regular calls, also use of communication software like Microsoft Teams.

What platform do you use for file sharing?

We primarily use Dropbox.

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